Uxbridge Loiterers


How to Use: This rides library is a selection of Loiterers rides, starting from Uxbridge or from somewhere local to Uxbridge. The idea is to give people a resource to use and also act as inspiration as to what rides and routes are possible.

It is ordered by distance and self explanatory, except for the RideWithGPS column. This has a link through to the RWGPS website where the route file lives. You can see a map of the route, and also download the route file to use on your own device. Also you can see the profile (elevation) of the route.

It is strongly recommended that you recce the route, as things may have changed.

It is also strongly recommended that you do NOT use the route “cold” as the route file you download is just a track, a line on a map only – it will not give turn by turn instructions, plus also it may have different start end/points e.g. my house!

The recommended approach is to use the library route as a guide to reconstruct the route on your own device.

The 24 routes with red titles were added in February 2023.

Sample rides put together by Tim Oakley.

Title Miles Hills and Climb Coffee Lunch Tea GPS Link Comment
Perivale, Mylett Arms 22 Flat - 160m Café Estrala Do Norte - Kingshill Avenue Perivale - Mylett Arms Ruislip Manor LINK A local West London bimble. AntiClockwise and quite convoluted.
Langley via Pinewood and Slough 23 Flat – 192m Pinewood Nurseries - Wexham Red Lion - Langley Iver Golf Club LINK Lots of use of cycle paths through Slough.
Hanwell via Richings Pk and Cranford 24 Flat – 175m Thorney Park GC Fox - Hanwell Northala Park Cafe LINK Plenty of wiggling through West London.
Kings Head Cippenham 24 Flattish – 200m Iver GC Kings Head - Cippenham None LINK Clockwise route – could easily do in reverse.
Cranford via Richings Pk and Sipson 25 Flat – 183m Thorney Park GC Queens Head - Cranford Brent Valley GC LINK Anti clockwise route – could easily do in reverse.
Three Households, White Hart – Chalfont St Giles 25 Some Hills – 250m Beaconsfield Services Three Households – The White Hart Denham LINK Hilly in parts but a glorious decent to Denham to finish. Some roads particularly Denham Rd at the start of the ride have fast moving traffic.
Sarratt, The Cock Inn 25 Hilly – 400m Rickmansworth Aquadrome Sarratt - The Cock Inn Maple Cross LINK Starts at Uxbridge GC. This is a ride that feels a lot longer than it actually is. A couple of tough hills near the pub.
Kenton, Duck in Pond 27 Some Hills – 235m Café Estrala Do Norte - Kingshill Avenue Harrow Weald – The Duck in the Pond Wimpy - Ruislip LINK This is a ride that is longer than you’d think. Quite hilly too – and only going to Kenton. Very urban.
Burnham, Old Five Bells 28 Some Hills – 252m Black Park Burnham – The Old Five Bells Iver Golf Club LINK Quite a wiggly route. Quite a bit of off road. Lots of cut throughs.
Langley, Red Lion 28 Mostly Flat – 230m Thorney Park Golf Club Langley – The Red Lion Langley Park LINK Quite a lot of “round the houses” to add miles.
Dumbell, Horn Hill via Croxley 28 Some Hills – 300m The Croxley Cafe Dumbell - Horn Hill None LINK A vicious climb over Pinner hill early on. Pub is at 20 miles.
Farnham via CstP and Beaconsfield 28 Hilly – 370m Beaconsfield Services Pheasant - Farnham Common None LINK Pheasant is at 21 miles. So short afternoon.
Newell Green from Upton Pk 28.6 Flattish – 200m Dorney Court Newell Green – Yorkshire Rose or Plough and Harrow Peters Field Nursery - Fifield LINK Climbs steadily to lunch, then down again. N.B. This ride starts from Upton Park.
Cassiobury Park, Essex Arms 30 Some Hills – 365m Harefield Hospital Cassiobury - Essex Arms Durans, Maple Cross LINK Basically, going to West Watford.
Fifield, Fifield Inn 30 Mostly Flat – 250m Datchet/Windsor Fifield - Fifield Inn Burnham Beeches Cafe LINK Long way round slough. Careful of last bit down A40 to Denham.
Round Heathrow 30 Flat – 184m Moniz, Cranford Staines - The Bells or Wraysbury - George or Perseverance None LINK Basically round Heathrow. Just one dodgy bit through Staines.
Windsor Great Park via Eton 30 Flat -200m Langley Park Eton - Watermans Arms or Windsor - King and Castle Richings Park LINK Gentle ascent through Windsor Great Park. Descent of Crimp Hill needs care.
Richmond via Twickenham 30 Flat – 145m Moniz Cranford Twickenham - Barmy Arms or Richmond - White Cross Café Estrala Do Norte - Kingshill Avenue LINK Flat. Pleasant off road through Crane park but beware of narrow underbridges - walking advised. Can also go over Teddington Lock to Ham.
Hillingdon Polish Heritage Trail 31 Some Hills – 200m Costa - Northwood Hills Sudbury – The Greenwood Battle of Britain Bunker Cafe - Uxbridge LINK This takes in the Hillingdon borough PHT – the RAF Bunker, The Polish War Memorial, The Orchard and the War Graves @ Northwood.
Wraysbury, The Perseverance 32 Flat – 188m Burnham Beeches Cafe or Farham Common Costa Wraysbury - George or Perseverance None LINK Pretty flat. Lots of variants possible round Burnham Beeches/Taplow/Dorney etc.
Runnymede 32 Flat – 180m Colnbrook - Orange Blossom Cafe Runneymede - Italian Concept Five Bells - Harmondsworth LINK Very flat.
Kew, the Greyhound 33 Flat – 226m Cranford - Moniz Kew - The Greyhound Northala Cafe if wanted LINK Several choices in Kew. Short afternoon.
Eel Pie Island 33 Mostly Flat – 250m Osterley Twickenham – The Barmy Arms or White Swan Moniz - Cranford LINK Lots of wiggling in W. London.
Greenwood, Sudbury via Harefield and S Oxhey 33 Some Hills - 300m Rickmansworth GC The Greenwood - Whitton Avenue None LINK A distinctly suburban route. Pub is at 24 miles - long morning, short after lunch.
Richmond Palace via Kew 34 Flat – 200m Pitzhanger Pantry - Walpole Park Kew - The Greyhound Osterley LINK Incredibly wiggly route. Good luck with following it.
Hampton via Teddington 36 Flattish - 250m Sams Cafe - Teddington Ailsa Tavern - Twickenham None LINK Takes in Hounslow Heath and the Crane Valley walk and lots of Parks and river bank. Best avoided on a Sunday – river bank congestion.
Chesham 37 Hilly – 465m Little Chalfont Chesham - Queens Head Rickmansworth Aquadrome or Chorleywood if wanted. LINK Quite a few nasty hills. Long stretch along canal at the end
Hammersmith Bridge and Barnes 37 Mostly Flat -300m Bridge Café - Park Royal Barnes - Red Lion None (Osterley Park possible) LINK A very jiggly route. A lot of care needed – many, many cut throughs.
Windsor, Prince Albert 37 Mostly Flat -300m Thorney Golf Club Windsor - Prince Albert Black Park LINK Optionally cross the M4 using Old Slade Lane, to avoid the Colnbrook A4 roundabout.
Richmond and Bushey parks 37 Mostly Flat -300m Osterley Ham House (NT Members) or Ham Common - New Inn or Teddington - Angler or Tide End Cottage Moniz - Cranford LINK Incredibly wiggly route. Good luck with following it.
Farnham Wraysbury Cranford 37 Some Hillls – 300m Costa - Farnham Perseverance - Wraysbury Moniz - Cranford LINK Very Flat after A4. Pub at 22 miles.
Winchmore Hill via Lt Chalfont 38 Hilly - 550m Deli - Chalfont St Giles or Costa - Little Chalfont Winchmore Hill Beaconsfield Services LINK Pub at 19 miles.
Mosquito Museum, Shenley 40 Hilly – 682m Rustic Cafe or Perk Coffee, South Oxhey Shenley Park - Cafe in the Orchard Hatch End LINK This was a Solo ride by a club member. The Museum is worth a visit.
Hatch End Shenley 2 40 Hilly - 450m Hatch End or Bushey Heath Cafe in the Orchard - Shenley Park Watford LINK Cafe at 19 miles.
Marlow 41 Hilly – 577m Loudwater business park Picnic Bourne End LINK A lockdown ride hence the picnic. Quite a few hills.
Winchmore Hill via Chalfont St Peter 41 Hilly – 550m Crumbs - Chalfont St Peter. Winchmore Hill -. Potters Arms or The Plough Aquadrome or Rickmansworth GC LINK Hilly in the morning, then less so. Return via CstG,Ricky, Northwood
Birds Hill, Paley Street 42 Some Hills – Unknown Queen Mother Reservoir Birds Hill Golf Course Burnham Beeches Cafe or Farnham Common Costa LINK An odd detour on the map to the Bear on the Barge adds 8 miles – 42 miles if omitted.
Windsor via Beaconsfield 43 Hilly – 550m Beaconsfield Services King and Castle - Windsor Costa - Farnham LINK Lunch at 25 miles – long morning.
Flackwell Heath via Beaconsfield then Bourne End Maidenhead 44 Hilly – 550m Beaconsfield Services Flackwell Heath - Crooked Billet Burnham Beeches Cafe LINK Jordans, Beaconsfield, Bourne End/Flackwell Heath. Then Maidenhead, Burnham, Fulmer etc. Sharp climbs throughout the day.
Shenley via Hatch End 45 Hilly – 600m Hatch End – Moon and Sixpence Shenley Park Aquadrome or Rickmansworth GC LINK Quite a climb to Bushey Heath, then much flatter.
Lt Kingshill via Chalfont St Giles 46 Hilly – 600m Chalfont St Giles - The Deli or Crown Full Moon - Little Kingshill Lt Chalfont or Aquadrome or Rickmansworth GC LINK Climbing in the morning, descending in the afternoon.
Bird Hills via Poyle 46 Some Hills – 450m Fat Boys - Poyle or Datchet Bird Hills GC Burnham Beeches Cafe or Farnham Common LINK Flat in the Morning. Hill later on
Little Missenden 48 Very Hilly – 800m Costa - Chorleywood Little Missenden - Red Lion None noted, maybe Chalfont St Peter. LINK
Moss End via Staines 48 Some Hillls – 500m Fat Boys - Poyle or Staines Moss End - Robyns Nest Burnham Beeches Cafe LINK Lunch at 27 miles – long morning.
Moss End via Bourne End 49 V Hilly – 700m Flowerland - Bourne End Moss End - Robyns Nest Windsor or Eton LINK Quite hilly in the morning. Very steep downhill to the Thames.
Cholesbury 50 Very Hilly – 692m Little Chalfont Cholesbury - Full Moon Amersham High St LINK The Full Moon is a very decent pub.
Wendover 50 Very Hilly - 800m Little Chalfont Wendover – White Swan or Crumbs cafe Chalfont St Giles LINK GPS File shows some extra at start and finish – so only 50, not 61
Knowle Hill, Sunningdale 50 Some Hills – 400m Burnham Beeches Cafe or Farham Common Costa Knowle Hill - Royal Oak Dorney Court LINK Crosses the river at Maidenhead and then the W end of Dorney Lake.
Chertsey via Cranford and Staines 51 Hilly – 575m Moniz - Cranford Chertsey – Twynersh Burnham Beeches Cafe LINK Lunch at 20 miles – shortish morning, long afternoon. All the way round Heathrow.
Moss End via Colnbrook and Staines 51 Very Hilly – 700m Fat Boys Poyle or Staines Moss End - Robyns Nest Windsor or Eton LINK Lunch at 27 miles – long morning
Aldbury 52 Very Hilly – 710m Little Chalfont Aldbury - Greyhound Chorleywood or Rickmansworth Aquadrome LINK Greyhound or The Valiant Trooper are both equally good.
Dinton Pastures via Windsor 52 Flat – 300m Windsor Leisure Centre Dragonfly Cafe - Dinton Pastures Dorney Court LINK A very flat spin along the Thames valley
Chesham and Great Missenden 55 Very Hilly – 815m Cassiobury Park Chesham - Queens Head or Great Missenden Chalfont St Giles LINK No comment.
Flower Pot Aston via Bourne End 55 Hilly – 575m Flowerland - Bourne End Flower Pot - Aston Dorney Court LINK Check if Flower Pot has reopened.
Turville 58 Some Hills -600m Dorney Court Turville - Bull and Butcher Burnham Beeches Cafe LINK One very nasty hill coming out of Wooburn Green. Cross River at M4 and then Remenham Lock.