Uxbridge Loiterers

Rogues Gallery

Welcome to the Rogues Gallery

Godiva - Melissa Owens
Star Facts
Member of CLOG (Central London Outdoor Group)
Miss Shuttlecock - Gerry Edginton
Miss Shuttlecock
Star Facts
Gave her allotment to Captain Morgan
Cider-Man - Cliff Jones
Cider Man
Star Facts
Loves cider!
Has 7 grandchildren
The Scientist - Margaret Chetty
The Scientist
Star Facts
Knows Pi to 30 places
Technicolour Chris - Chris Kinsey
Technicolour Chris
Star Facts
Has pet chickens
Is a vegetarian
Mountain Goat - John MacMillan
Mountain Goat
Star Facts
Used to go Pot Holing
Hashes with HWH3
Grows very caroty carrots
Pie Man - David Brownlee
Pie Man
Star Facts
Favourite Pie is Meat and Potato
Supports Hull City
Holiday Girl - Jean Gates
Holiday Girl
Star Facts
Has more holidays than most people have hot dinners!
Has run the Venice Marathon
Zombie Pete - Peter Havlin
Zombie Pete
Star Facts
Worked in the diamond industry
Plays hockey
The Conjuress - Ann Havlin
The Conjuress
Star Facts
Has travelled the world
Can make husbands disappear
Lily the Pink - Sally Eaton
Lily the Pink
Star Facts
Likes pink
Used to arm wrestle men and win
Has 7 hoovers
Wise Woman of Ickenham - Jackie Jones
Wise Woman of Ickenham
Star Facts
Knows the names of flowers
Thunderbird 6 - Iain Macdonald
Thunderbird 6
Star Facts
Drives a tube train
Phil the Wheel - Philip Hallewell
Phil the Wheel
Star Facts
Goes to Argentina each year to tango
Builds wheels for a living
Glen the Bells - Glen Burchell
Glen the Bells
Star Facts
Wears a cycling top rejected by Dragons Den
Is a Morris Dancer
Uxbridge Alan - Alan Potter
Uxbridge Alan
Star Facts
Keen canoist
Owns an allotment
Has a 1200 lumens bicycle light
Hoppo Hopkins - Tony Hopkins
Hoppo Hopkins
Star Facts
Doesn't like cycling in fog
Has a carpetted shed
Webmaster of Ealing Friday Riders
Mackenzie of the Yard - Ian Mackenzie
Mackenzie of the Yard
Star Facts
Used to live near Bletchley Park
Sails with John Sparkle
The Oracle - Jim Swan
The Oracle
Star Facts
Knows every track everywhere!!
Member of The Rough Stuff Fellowship
Motorbike Dave - Dave Brown
Motorbike Dave
Star Facts
Rather partial to Millionaires Shortbread
Used to work in Human Resources
AbFab Patsy - Patsy Jacobs
AbFab Patsy
Star Facts
Has a very energetic Border Collie
Bernie the Bolt - Bernie Green
Bernie the Bolt
Star Facts
Born on the Isle of Wight
Got his first passport in 2015
Used to work at Northolt Airfield
The Roofer - Jim Hayes
The Roofer
Star Facts
Owns a boat
Knows a joke about salt
Paddling Pete - Peter Gimber
Paddling Pete
Star Facts
Has a very nice saddle
Hot Jane - Jane Jenkins
Hot Jane
Star Facts
Red Hot Golfer
Plays Bridge
The Don - Don Rycroft
The Don
Star Facts
Founding member of the Sub Aqua Club
DT - Dave Taylor
Star Facts
Ran an illicit booze factory in Saudi
The Wonder from Down Under - Denise Forth
The Wonder from Down Under
Star Facts
Competed in the 2014 London Marathon
Has a West Highland Terrier called Hector
Little Miss Naughty - Sandra Gladwin
Little Miss Naughty
Star Facts
Born in Essex
Rather partial to fudge
Crazy Alan - Alan Gladwin
Crazy Alan
Star Facts
Doesn't like Olives
Has worked on Big Ben
Designed a bridge across the River Thames
Captain Morgan - Stuart Morgan
Captain Morgan
Star Facts
Related to Oswald F Pennington
Speaks Latin
Ninja Steve - Steve Cull
Ninja Steve
Star Facts
Has never eaten Oysters
Member of Summit MTB Club
Woody - John Woodford
Star Facts
Has a trailer that rattles
Colonel Mustard - Dave Peck
Captain Mustard
Star Facts
Rather partial to Sardines
Used to work for the Railways
The Carrot Lady - Liliane Rausch
The Carrot Lady
Star Facts
Broke her ankle on a Loiterers trip to Streatley
Grandson is a keen footballer
Steve Cake - Stephen Trott
Steve Cake
Star Facts
Favourite Cake is Coffee & Walnut
Member of the Veteran Cycling Club
The Factory - Alan & Sandra Gladwin

The Factory
Star Facts
Once marked a route out in flour
Went camping on their honeymoon
Grandad - Brian Lindsay
Star Facts
Keen wood turner
Married to an Apiarist
The Puffing Loiterer - Alec Martel
The Puffing Loiterer
Star Facts
Loves twist shifters
Went on a cruise round the Isle of Wight
Has a parrot called Captain
Fridge Magnet - Mick Burke
Fridge Magnet
Star Facts
His wife used to run a Puffing Stop
Enjoys Indy Car Racing
Has been to Nazareth
TC - Tony Cates
Star Facts
Had a cat called Clarence
Loves Apple Macs (need I say more!)
Storm Shadow - Lawrie Hart
Storm Shadow
Star Facts
Enjoys cycling through Parks
Can dance the Tango
Caz - Carole Peck
Star Facts
Has one or two photographs of dogs
Loves the Rohan shop in Henley
John Sparkle - John Male
John Sparkle
Star Facts
Uses Macleans toothpaste
Used to be a Maths teacher
Keen sailer
The Super Stars - Ivy & Bernie Darbon
The Super Stars
Star Facts
This star couple are keen canoists