Uxbridge Loiterers


The Uxbridge Loiterers Cycle Quest is a challenge loosely based on Cycling UK’s British Cycle Quest and is intended to motivate people to get out cycling and find as many points of interest in the area of up to 30 miles centred on Uxbridge. There really isn’t any sort of competitive element to it – there are no time limits, and no set route, all you need to do is cycle down the road and locate your first checkpoint to get started.

The Uxbridge Loiterers Cycling Quest checkpoints can be found below or on the map HERE. Alternatively you can download the checkpoint questions PDF document HERE.

What are the rules? You should arrive at each checkpoint by bicycle. However if you need to drive or take public transport to get to the general area that’s fine. To prove that you have visited a checkpoint, all you need to do is answer the question about it. You can do the quest with someone else but it is not a group ride where the leader has set the route.

What do I get out of it? Other than the enjoyment of visiting many interesting places over the county you can also receive ULCQ certificates. Bronze for visiting 15 sites, Silver for 30 sites and Gold for all 50. They would be sent by email although I could be persuaded to print if the recipient cannot print theirs.

How do I submit my answers? Once you have found your first answer(s) then send them to Tony Cates by email or text in the format Q12 - Place Name - Answer - Date. Submissions will be entered on a spreadsheet which will be sent to participants on approximately a monthly basis.

Some last words of advice/points to note • At the time of launch all checkpoints are freely accessible. If you are unable to reach a specific checkpoint but can get close we would suggest taking a photo of yourself with your bike at somewhere identifiable close by. Please then contact us and we will arrange to verify your visit separately. • Lastly – the ‘quest’ is not intended to be a treasure hunt. Try to resist the temptation to cram in as many checkpoints in a day or ride as you can. By visiting all the checkpoints you will visit many beautiful and interesting places around the area, enjoy them and save some checkpoints for another day.

Webmaster comment: We owe Tony Cates a big vote of thanks for researching and producing this Quest for members to enjoy.

The Checkpoints

ULCQ No Where Grid Ref Question Access / Other Notes
01 Hambledon SU 784 865 Who was the manufacturer of the disused water pump on a small "island"by a chestnut tree, in the village centre? CUK BCQ156
02 Walthan St Lawrence SU 830 769 When was the pound, the enclosed area that forms an island in the road, presented to the village and by whom? CUK BCQ135
03 Marlow SU 849 861 In Higginson Park on grass near the Leisure Centre there is a statue of Olympic rower Steve Redgrave. Acccording to the plaque at its base what date was it unveiled and by whom? -
04 Jordans SU 973 914 According to the plaque on right of front of ‘Estate Office’ on village green, in what year did Fred Hancock retire? CUK BCQ151
05 Chalfont Common TQ 003 924 By the entrance to the Epilepsy Centre on Chesham Lane is a stone obelisk. From the plaque on the side how far is Uxbridge? -
06 Chalgove SU 646 941 On Monument Road at a road junction stands the Hampden Monument. From the Battle of Chalgrove information board when was it unveiled and by whom? The answer can be found on the Battle of Chalgrove information board.
07 Ealing - Walpole Park TQ 175 805 In Walpole Park on the north wall near the house Is a plaque and relief. It is in honour of whom and why? North wall of Park near the house
08 Gorhambury TL 110 076 Located within the Gorhambury Estate is the remains of Old Gorhambury House, from the information boards who built the house and what was his title in the royal court? Note:- The road through the estate is a permissive right away and may be closed, especially in the winter months. Check before visiting.
09 Gunnersbury Park TQ 190 792 Between the Gunnersbury Museum and Small Mansion on the Terrace side is a pedimented arch with a commemorative plaque on each wall. Who is the MP named on them? CUK BCQ126
10 Harefield TQ 059 898 At the Lodge at the entrance to Breakspear House from the plaque on the right of the front door when was it first inhabited?
11 Watlington SU 690 945 There is a shield at the old Town Hall at the east end of the High Street, at the back of the covered area under the building. What colour is the Ox (cow)? CUK BCQ146
12 Littlewick Green SO 840 795 At the junction of Jubilee Road, Coronation Road, and School Lane is a white building called Redroofs. Who once lived there?
13 Perivale TQ 150 827 In Perivale Park alongside the northern path there is a bench in the form of a piano.To whom is it dedicated?
14 Pinner TQ 118 904 At the top of Waxwell Lane on a small green is a capped well. From the plaque attached to the brick arch when was the well first recorded and under what name?
15 Richmond Hill TQ 183 740 Opposite the Ashburton towards the top of the hill, you can see a seating area with binocular. Next to the binoculars is a stone plinth with metal plaque celebrating 100 years of Richmond, Ham and Petersham Open Spaces Act 1902. Which County Councils took action to save the view? CUK BCQ176 Use the wide shared use path alongside the road, as there is limited access by steps from the road at the checkpoint location.
16 Runnymede SU 997 729 In the meadow to the South East of the road is a collection of chairs. What is the art installation called, who created it, and how many chairs are there. There are plaques set into the ground on all the paths leading to the chairs.
17 Speen SU 841 998 Opposite The Village store and post office the village sign has three pictures. What are they and when was it erected?
18 Watford TQ 116 965 Alongside NCR6/61 and the River Colne by a railway viaduct stands a stone obelisk. From the plaque in front of it who originally erected it and for what purpose?
19 Windsor SU 961 771 Alongside Barry Avenue is a full size replica of a Hawker Hurricane. It bears the markings of an aircraft flown the Battle of Britain flown by whom?
20 Thame SP 703 063 On Priest End is the gatehouse to The Prebendal. From the blue disc on the right of the entrance who lived here and when?
21 Harmondsworth Moor TQ 050 777 Near a path on Harmondsworth Moor adjacent to a wooden bench Is a small stone Memorial to a WW2 bomber crash. What was the aircraft and its squadron?
22 Eton SU 968 780 In the grounds of Eton College is The King of Siam's Garden, a small sunken garden with flowering cherry trees. At one end is a statue of Perseus holding the severed head of Medusa. What is the date cast into the base of the statue? Loiterers have passed this garden on numerous rides to or from Windsor and Eton.
23 Bray SU 902 793 At the south end of the village on the B3028 opposite the car park stands the Jesus Hospital Almshouses.What does the white sign above the door say?
24 Latimer TQ 003 988 The are two Boer War memorials on the village green, the smaller to a general's horse Villebois which was wounded and returned to England. When did it die?
25 Chobham Common SU 965 656 On Chobham Common is a monument in memory of an event attended by Queen Victoria. What was the event and when was it?
26 Twickenham TQ 165 733 In the part of York House Garden nearest to the river is a water feature featuring eight sea nymphs. How many winged horses are there?
27 Windsor Great Park SU 955 717 On a rise from the road is the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Statue. To its right by the fence is a tall tree that has a post with a metal plaque. When was the tree planted?
28 Cranford TQ 103 770 On Cranford High Street in front of a line of flats is the restored Cranford Village Lock-Up In front is an information board that shows an 1890 picture of two people standing by it. How are they named?
29 Langley Park TQ 007 816 From the information board at the head of the lake the famous 18th century landscape gardener Capability Brown was commissioned to advise on improving the park. When was he commissioned and by whom?
30 Poyle TQ 031 756 The Poyle Pump stands on the side of the road near the Punch Bowl PH. From the plaque at its foot the was it erected and by whom?
31 Stoke Row SU 679 841 At the Maharaja’s Well there is a green iron winding mechanism. Who manufactured it, where, and when?
32 Chalfont St Giles SU 988 925 Where an unmade road off Bowstridge Lane called Dibden Hill meets three other tracks is a high hedge with the head of a red indian looking out of it. What is the name of the property it is situated in?
33 Datchet SU 987 770 The oak tree in the corner of the small green in the road near the junction of High Street and Horton Road has a plaque in front of it. When was it planted and why?
34 Cookham SU 897 854 At the junction of Ferry Lane and Odnney Lane there is a small lump of saracen stone in front of a stone bench. From the plaque on its front what is it called and when was it located here?
35 Winchmore Hill SU 933 950 On The Hill is a Primitive Methodist Chapel. From the stone plaque above high on the front wall what was it named and the date?
36 Cholesbury SP 934 071 The three puddingstones were placed on the site of what?
37 Barnes TQ 222 765 Outside Olympic Studios on Church Road is red telephone box with a defibrillator. What is the location code on the front of the defibrillator?
38 Fifield SU 911 763 In the garden of a house on Oakley Green Road, Fifield are giant busts of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. What is the tree immediately in front of the house?
39 Hampton Wick TQ 171 697 To the left of Hampton Wick Gate of Bushey Park Is a tiled monument behind a fence. To whom is it dedicated and what was he?
40 The Lee SP 899 039 On a bend in the road is the covered ships figurehead of Admiral Lord Howe. What is the name of the property it is guarding?
41 Bricket Wood TL 127 004 On NCR6 is a house called Bricket also known as the Picture House. Inside and to the left of the gate is a notice. What doe it say? On NCR 6 / 61
42 Chipperfield TL 042 015 At Blackwells on The Common there is a plaque on the left hand side of the door. Who gave the club to the village and why? Blackwells is a good place for refreshments.
43 Hurst SU 795 729 Opposite the church of St Nicholas, Hurst is a substantial almshouse. In the wall above the main entrance is a plaque - Under who's sole charge were they erected?
44 Teddington TQ 164 718 Alongside the Thames Path below Teddington Lock an obelisk marks the upper boundary of the Port of Londons Jurisdiction on the tidal Thames. From the information board how far is their Jurisdiction from here to the North sea?
45 Streatley SU 594 808 At St Mary’s Church there is a Blue Plaque on the porch. To whom is dedicated?
46 Sonning SU 752 754 On the Thames Path what is the name given to the gateway to Reading Blue Coat School in the wall opposite the downstream end of Sonning Lock?
47 Cookley Green SU 695 902 From the small plaque on the base of the memorial what year was the war memorial the best kept in Oxfordshire?
48 Warfield SU 873 726 In the Frost Folly car park off Weller Lane there is an information board - Who planted the trees either side of the concrete footpath?
49 Turville SU 768 911 Opposite the small green near the church is a signpost to a path leading up to the windmill. What is the name of the house to the left of the path?
50 Ewelme SU 644 916 On the right hand side of Parson’s Lane just past Ewelme Store is the village pound. When was it last used to impound stray animals?