Uxbridge Loiterers


Lunch at Hinds Head Bray 1998
Lunch at Hinds Head Bray, 11th Feb 1998

Extracted by Roy Hancox from "West London DA - The First 50 Years 1937 - 1957, by Alan Rapsey".

Originally part of the Western Metropolitan District Association, the club later became known as the Western District Loiterers, which then became "The Loiterers" on 16th January 1938. In April 1949 the club was renamed as the "Eastern Section", which was sadly wound-up in 1964. An "Over 40 Section" was formed in 1953, later changing its name to "Older Members Section" in 1963. The club was renamed again in 1972 to "The Loiterers". This name continued until 1984 when it was changed yet again, this time to the "Uxbridge & District Loiterers Section". History shows that this name was not universally popular and it appears that the Uxbridge & District part of the title was never officially registered and therefore the use of this name declined.

In 1994, when it looked as though the section might disband, it was saved from oblivion at the instigation of Beryl Bell, when new officers were elected and the membership was barely into double figures. In 2004 the name was changed to "Uxbridge Loiterers CTC"