Uxbridge Loiterers


Contracting or spreading the virus by:
Rider displaying signs of virus. Riders or Public Request affected rider to leave the ride and contact NHS.
Not washing or sanitising hands. Riders or Public Riders to wash hands frequently and carry and use hand sanitiser at intervals during rides.
Congregating in crowded areas. Riders or Public All rides to start in less busy locations and to avoid crowded locations for refreshment stops. No two rides to start from the same place on the same date and time. No two rides to use the same refreshment stop on the same date and time.
Failing to practice social distancing. Riders or Public Ride leaders to remind the group of responsibility to social distance. Ride leaders to check that venues chosen for refreshment stops have suitable arrangements in place.
New riders unfamiliar with riding in groups or Coronavirus risks. Riders or Public All new riders to be asked to confirm that they have read the Uxbridge Loiterers’ Guide to Riding in Groups and this risk assessment (each available of the club website).
Failing to facilitate tracking and tracing. Riders or Public Ride leaders to ensure that all riders contact details are listed in the membership list. Ride leaders to keep a record of those present on a ride for 21 days after the ride and send a copy to the rides secretary.
Performing first aid on a fellow rider. Riders Preferably, only qualified first aiders to perform first aid. First Aiders to ensure that they are familiar with St John Ambulance first aid advice.
Providing assistance to a fellow rider e.g. after a fall or other incident. Riders Use hand sanitiser and masks whist supporting another rider or riders.
Sharing tools and equipment. Riders When assisting riders with mechanical repairs or punctures, hands and tools to be sanitised before and during repairs. Tools to be cleaned with hand sanitiser before and after shared use.