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Carole's Candid Camera

Carole has a good eye for a photograph and some of them have even won her competitions,
So whenever Loiterers gather, Carole is there with her camera to digitally record them for posterity along with any dogs that may be passing at the time.
Explore the links below to see our cycling history unfold (and don't forget to count the dogs).

Host Account Details / Sets
Flickr Carole Peck Photos from 23rd February 2014 to 20th June 2018
Flickr Caz Loiterers Photos from 17th November 2012 to 10th February 2014
Everytrail Caz & Les Take Some Photos At Uxbridge (25th Mar 2012)
When the Moon phase is Waning Crescent & in Pisces (21th Mar 2012)
Louise Meets The Uxbridge Loiterers (18th Mar 2012)
Carole Peck At Uxbridge On Remembrance Sunday (13th Oct 2011)
Flickr Cazloiterers Sunrise and sunset in Denham (2011)
Wednesday 7th December (2011)
Sunday 4th December (2011)
Wednesday 30th November (2011)
Coffee Club on 30th Nov (2011)
Sunday 27th Nov (2011)
Buses to Ikea 23rd Nov (2011)
27th November (2011) 23rd November (2011)
Sunday 20th November (2011)
16th November (2011)
Flickr Carole Disney2011 Seen in the Garden
Louise on Mother's Day (2012)
Dogs I Have Seen
Wednesday 4th January (2012)
Tony the New Secretary (2011)
The Weekend before Christmas (2011)
Wednesday 28th December (2011)
Jo's Concert (2011)
Christmas Lunch 14th December (2011)
Sunday 11th December (2011)
Sunday 4th December (2011)
Favourite Pictures
Winning Pictures
Flickr RedCycle Uxbridge 28th April (2010)
Flickr Carole Disney Norwich (2010)
Flickr Caz Loiterers Archive 2009-07-15 Robin to Knowl Hill
2009-07-12 Bill to 10 London Parks
2009-07-08 Stan to Iver
2009-07-06 RAF Uxbridge
2009-07-05 Benson Rally
2009-07-01 John's Ride to Beaconsfield
2009 Easter at Castle Acre 1 & 2
2006 Brittany 1 to 5
2005 Tour of Normandy 1 to 4
2004-05-31 Denham Village Fair
2004-05-30 Peter’s Ride to Sarrat
2004-05-26 6 Counties Ride
2004-05-25 Gliding at Dunstable
2004-05-23 Car Assisted from Staines
2004-05-19 Chinner Car-Assisted
2004-05-16 Sally’s Ride to the Dell
2004-05-12 Farnham & Windsor
2004-05-09 Bill’s ride to Greenwich
2004-05-05 Regents Park
2004-04-28 The Ridgeway YH
2004 Godney Holiday
1997 How Caple, Herefordshire